Pride HC Lithium 3.5 Tonne Forklift

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Advantages of Lithium Forklifts over LPG and traditional Lead Acid Battery Powered forklifts.

  • LPG on average cost $4.60 per hour to run a forklift. Lithium batteries cost 60cents per hour (less if you have solar fitted to the building). Based on a 38 week, the fuel cost saving is around $39K. Also, based on the hours of the 2.5 Tonne gas machine currently onsite being 1075 hours, the difference in gas cost would be $4,945.00 to $645.00 using the same capacity Lithium machine,
  • The cost of servicing an LPG is higher (around 38% more) than either lead acid or Lithium powered forklifts,
  • Breakdowns are more frequent with LPG over lead acid or Lithium powered forklifts (LPG is not as combustible as say petrol, therefore batteries, spark plugs, starter motors and ring gear are often replacement parts on LPG machines),
  • LPG has emissions and are noisy whereby battery powered machine are quiet and do not have emissions,
  • Lithium batteries are more efficient than lead acid i.e. Lead acid needs 8 hours of charger for 5 hours usage. Lithium batteries need 2 hours of charge for 9-10 hours of usage,
  • Opportunity charging is a no-no for lead acid batteries (i.e. shorter than the complete cycle). Lithium machines can be opportunity charge for any time under the 2 hour complete cycle,
  • Lithium doesn’t use acid and water. This is a more safer option for the operator and eliminates the issues with operators forgetting to fill the battery with water after each charge cycle,
  • Lead acid batteries have an expected life span of 1500 cycles (one cycle = one charge and one discharge). Lithium batteries at 4000 cycles will still have 80% capacity.

This machine has the following specs;

3.5 Tonne, 4500mm 3 stage container mast, side shifting fork positioner - Cascade, solid tyres.

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