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ife Forklifts Ingleburn has an extensive range of new and used Forklifts available for hire, lease and rental . Maximise your options through our Fleet Rental and Management programmes. Send us a quote and we can match the needs of your fleet. For whatever period of time you need the machines we can provide the arrangements.

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We carry a range of Forklifts for hire to suit your requirements. Our brands include:


Forklift Hire/term purchase represents the ideal choice if you seek to own your industrial equipment at the end of the repayment term. That is, the ownership of the equipment passes onto you upon payment of the final instalment. This best suits those who aim to eventually own their equipment. The benefits of purchasing Forklifts through the Hire/Term programme:

  • The vehicle is shown as an asset on the balance sheet
  • Depreciation allowances may be claimed
  • Interest can be offset against taxable income (refer to professional finance advisor)
  • All applications are subject to credit approval criteria
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Fleet Management Options

This comprehensive service will help take the strain off running your own fleet. Here at ife Forklifts we will make sure the management of all machines are taken care of.

We will purchase your full fleet regardless of the machines your after and then we will arrange an efficient fleet management over a flexible term.

Our professionally trained staff will fully maintain your current fleet to the highest standard, while always being at your call should a situation demand immediate attention. ife Forklifts will also happily provide a replacement lift truck, so your production schedule is never jeopardised. Or, we can supply you with any model in our range to help you handle a sudden extra workload.

ife Forklifts Fleet Management Program Includes:

  • Free appraisal of requirements
  • Purchase and lease back of your lift truck fleet
  • Off-balance sheet funding
  • One fixed, monthly fee
  • Fully maintained fleet including all running costs
  • On-going fleet upgrade program
  • No residual at end of contract term
  • Contractual obligations are taken care of by ife Forklifts
  • Flexible Contractual terms
  • Factory trained service team