1. Agreement that (name of credit provider) may seek consumer credit information (Section 18K(1)(b), Privacy Act 1988)
    If IFE Forklifts considers it relevant to assessing my/our application for commercial credit, I/we agree to IFE Forklifts obtaining from a
    credit reporting Agency a credit report containing personal credit information about me/us in relation to commercial credit provided by IFE

    2. Exchanging information with other credit providers (Section 18N (1)(b), Privacy Act 188)
    I/we agree to IFE Forklifts obtaining personal information about me/us from other credit providers, whose names I/we may have provided
    for IFE Forklifts, or that may be named in a Credit Report, for the purpose of assessing my/our application for commercial credit made to
    IFE Forklifts.

    3. Agreement to a Credit Provider being given a consumer credit report to collect overdue payments on commercial credit
    (Section 18K 1(h) Privacy Act 1988) I/we agree that IFE Forklifts may obtain a credit report about me/us from a credit reporting agency for
    the purpose of collecting overdue payments relating to commercial credit owed by me/us.