Welcome to ife Forklifts


ife Forklifts was established in 1982 which gives us 35 years of targeted experience on Forklifts. Based in Sydney we have supplied customers with solutions ranging from Forklift Hire to Repairs and spare parts.

Along side these forklift essentials the company has built an excellent reputation for professionally carrying out supreme solutions for a range of major client situations including their Fleet Management selection and service.
Since being in the industry ife Forklifts has associated with some of the big name companies such as Nissan Forklifts, Toyota Material Handling and Komatsu. These companies provide an understanding of our professionalism in the sense of quality product and foundation.

Extending from the original ideas when ife forklifts was first created, an original brand of Forklifts followed under the brand ‘Pride HC’.
Pride HC was a brilliant brand created by Darrin Pride in which the idea was to provide clients with a Durable, less expensive solution. This brand has pulled its weight when comparing and competing with the other major brands in the industry.

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